Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ouch ouch ouch

holy cow. i almost cried at boot camp today! i mean, i didn't...but man i was close.

it was a tough one and thankfully everyone felt that way.

i can feel the bc addiction coming back, which is exactly what i hoped would happen.

my body is too beat to type.

jams to download:

the band perry- done
delta rae- dance in the graveyards (the entire album is amazing)

stay motivated-


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

reality check

here we go again- back at boot camp. (cross training san marco)

clearly i have been back and forth, on and off, love and hate with this workout schedule. really, the issue is just getting myself THERE. once i'm there, i love it and never regret it.

i am one to make excuses. at 6:00am when the alarm goes off, i want more sleep. and with my job it isn't always an option to get to the 5:30pm session.

shows, socializing, sleep, etc. all excuses.

so here we go again... i have four sessions behind me and a million more in front of me.

some jams to add to your work out playlist:

yeah- usher
i'm different- 2Chainz
hey porsche- nelly
closer- tegan and sara
tonight i'm getting over you- carly rae jepsen

stay motivated-