Monday, February 28, 2011

hood run.

So last boot camp session on Thurs- pandora  had some malfunction no list. Sorry! And I hate to report that until tonight, I hadn't worked out all weekend...however in my defense, I think being in a wedding is a work out in itself- no?

Slacker alert and could NOT wake up at 5:50am this morning soooo I did a neighborhood run tonight, 30 min of cardio- a little over 2 miles. Super nice out.... here were the tunes:

Does It Really Matter- K'Naan
2012- Jay Sean
Can You Hear Me- Enrique Iglesias
King of Anything- Sara Barelilles
My World- Kid Cudi
Ass On The Floor- Diddy Dirty Money
Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
All Along- Kid Cudi (not a great cardio song but the lyrics are fantastic)
Opposite of Adults- Chiddy Bang

Tomorrow 6:30am boot camp sesh and then Florida Theatre running club after work :)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Consistency is NOT my middle name.

So last week I declared I am back in boot camp- and pretty much almost killed myself going to 2 sessions w/ in 12 hours. Gooood timessssss. My muscles are STILL sore from the workouts last Tues & Wed. But I'm okay with that. Here is last weeks play list clearly super late:

Break Your Heart- Tai Cruz
Soul Symphony- Chuck Love
Generation Lost- B.O.B.
You Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC
The Future of the Future- Deep Dish
Balmes- Ian Pooley
Hot N' Cold- Katy Perry
Rebel Yell- Billy Idol
Don't Stop The Music- Rihanna

So this morning- camp was tough, but worth it. 9 different exercises, 50 secs on/10 sec rest, 3 rounds. LOTS of sweat. Here was this mornings play list:

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked- Cage The Elephant
Feel Me Flow- Naughty By Nature
Joy Ride- Richard Earnshaw
Stronger- Kanye West
Bringing On Down- DJ MRF
FU-GEE-LA- The Fuguees
Every Girl In The World- Young Money

I also had Chris take my measurements this morning as well as weighed myself. Holy heck so much work ahead of me. It really comes down to getting my mind right. It's been out of whack as far as fitness goes really since October. It's not easy, life, relationships, work, extra work, etc... consistency is NOT my middle name. I was so disciplined this time last year and it's time to take that back.

With the River Run now only 17 days away I am kinda freaking out. I am NO WHERE near where I was last year as far as endurance goes. I have confidence in my running, but staying motivated for almost 10 miles concerns me. I would really regret not going for it, bc for me it's definitely not about time, just the experience and finishing... and of course the medal, ha! I have great friends running and it is not to be missed. So, I must get my butt in gear- GRR 2011.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i heart bootcamp

Day maker- a MUCH need bootcamp session w/ my fav trainer and great campers:) After a 4 1/2 month break from the structure of 6:30am workouts w/ Chris Deroo at Cross Training San Marco, I'm back.

This time last year I was in the best shape of my life which prepared me to KICK the river run's butt in 2010. Well I am definitely not as consistent when working out on my own (clearly, the blog speaks for itself) so, although financially a bit rough, I'm back. I will run the Gate River Run on March 12th, but MUST get my endurance back to what it once was.

Don't worry, I'll still have tunes! I'll be doing bootcamp M-Thurs and some runs during the week and weekend.

So tonight I went to the 5:30pm session to just literally throw myself back into it. Pandora was the tune provider...disclaimer, I have NO IDEA who any of these artists are but excited to explore the music more. These are more mellow, good for reps/strengthening- so check them out. I have requested more rap, lol.

Me Myself & I- De la Soul
Coolie High- Camp Lo
Bringing On Down- DJ MFT & Vincent Kwok
The Lights- Nicolay & Kay
Love & Appreciate- Murs & 9th Wonder
Happy Times- Troye
Enuff- Masta Ace
Jazz (We Got It)- Tribe Called Quest
If I Fall- Naked Music NYC
Where I Been- Skillz

6:30am session will be here soon.... night :)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ABBA cardio

So today was a jam packed theatre day :)

My cardio sesh: DANCING at the show tonight.

We had ABBA (not the real group silly) The Concert. So, tonight my cardio was some serious dancing and definitely tunes to add to your pod.

Dancing Queen
Super Trooper
Mama Mia
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
Take A Chance On Me

Don't roll your eyes, these jams are FUN.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

another pm cardio sesh

Well I'm starting to enjoy these later night work outs. Tonight was a great full hour of cardio on the elliptical machine.  Today was a FULL day at work and then leading a AAF board mtg... so one hour to myself was amazing.

Gym run in- Mr. Lahey

work out:
60 min (30 forward/30backward) elliptical
5.4miles/620 calories

1st 30 min- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Biggest Loser
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked- Cage The Elephant
Ashin' Kusher- Kid Cudi
Make Her Say- Kid Cuide (Ft. Kanye West)
Please Don't Leave Me- Pink
Dog Days Are Over- Florence And The Machine
Opposite Of Adults- Chiddy Bang
Hot Mess- Cobra Starship
Shout- TLC
Touch- Nathasha Bedingfield

EXHAUSTED and goodnight :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

run bmaid run

Monday monday monday- what a day, so much going on, so many meetings but MADE myself get to the Y for a much needed run. Went to a bachelorette party this weekend and over indulging was the main course, yikes. Felt good to get back in the gym- I mean hellllo I need to FIT in the bridesmaid dress:)

Well I know 90% of the world wasn't feeling the BEP half time show last night- but they are definitely still in my work out mix. Yes, the singing wasn't the best and yes it was an odd mix at times and yes Usher should have danced for much much longer and Justin Timberlake so should have been included, but BEP can still keep you running!

work out:
3 miles in 33 min then a 7 min walk/cool down.

1st mile- The Bachelor (terrible for running and switched to my tunes!)
Do Somethin'- Britney Spears
Get Back- Demi Lovato
Down- Jay Sean (Ft. Lil Wayne)
Up Against The Wall- 'N Sync
Still Here- Girl Talk
Electric City- Black Eyed Peas
No Hay Igual- Nelly Furtado
Her Diamonds- Rob Thomas


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2/1/11, New Year's Day? Sure!

So I wasn't such a fan of how the first month of the year went. Pretty inconsistent with my work outs and among other things, life was just off a bit. Well, last night I pretended it was New Year's Eve (again) and woke up to a "New Year" for me! Hey, life is full of second chances, right?

Back on the work out train, choo choo.

Yesterday did a very light walk/job w/ Jenn & Deb from the theatre to past the St. Joe building on the riverwalk. It was BEAUTIFUL weather and we ended our cardio w/ a sunset.

Today Deb and I walked to the TU (newspaper building) and jogged back to the theatre. We chatted on the walk and I have a few tunes to share for the jog back. So if your year started off rocky, no worries- today can start a new one :)

Tunes are brought to you by Junior Doctor, my current obsession for fun music. The lead singer and I went to high school together and we worked at Dairy Queen, ha! Very happy for him and his success! So check the band out!

Junior Doctor mix:
What I Do
Dancing in Your Dreams
Perfect Girl (Make Her Mine)