Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2/1/11, New Year's Day? Sure!

So I wasn't such a fan of how the first month of the year went. Pretty inconsistent with my work outs and among other things, life was just off a bit. Well, last night I pretended it was New Year's Eve (again) and woke up to a "New Year" for me! Hey, life is full of second chances, right?

Back on the work out train, choo choo.

Yesterday did a very light walk/job w/ Jenn & Deb from the theatre to past the St. Joe building on the riverwalk. It was BEAUTIFUL weather and we ended our cardio w/ a sunset.

Today Deb and I walked to the TU (newspaper building) and jogged back to the theatre. We chatted on the walk and I have a few tunes to share for the jog back. So if your year started off rocky, no worries- today can start a new one :)

Tunes are brought to you by Junior Doctor, my current obsession for fun music. The lead singer and I went to high school together and we worked at Dairy Queen, ha! Very happy for him and his success! So check the band out!

Junior Doctor mix:
What I Do
Dancing in Your Dreams
Perfect Girl (Make Her Mine)


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