Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ouch ouch ouch

holy cow. i almost cried at boot camp today! i mean, i didn't...but man i was close.

it was a tough one and thankfully everyone felt that way.

i can feel the bc addiction coming back, which is exactly what i hoped would happen.

my body is too beat to type.

jams to download:

the band perry- done
delta rae- dance in the graveyards (the entire album is amazing)

stay motivated-


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

reality check

here we go again- back at boot camp. (cross training san marco)

clearly i have been back and forth, on and off, love and hate with this workout schedule. really, the issue is just getting myself THERE. once i'm there, i love it and never regret it.

i am one to make excuses. at 6:00am when the alarm goes off, i want more sleep. and with my job it isn't always an option to get to the 5:30pm session.

shows, socializing, sleep, etc. all excuses.

so here we go again... i have four sessions behind me and a million more in front of me.

some jams to add to your work out playlist:

yeah- usher
i'm different- 2Chainz
hey porsche- nelly
closer- tegan and sara
tonight i'm getting over you- carly rae jepsen

stay motivated-


Monday, February 25, 2013

oh how time flies

I've been a bit lost for about a year and a half, distracted. Looking back on this blog there are two random posts w/ in this period of time... it just says a lot. I have to make changes and I know this.

I made a decision this weekend that seems so simple, but so complex at the same time (for me): be more conscious of what I am putting in my body. My choices when it comes to eating and of course drinking, need to change. Sunday was day one. I ate relatively healthy and no drinking. I did a mini cardio workout running over the Main Street Bridge and back (from the theatre).

Day two- good with food, just coffee & water and ran two miles. My ipod was SO out of date... tunes below and so in need of a music makeover.

Your love is my drug, Kesha
We found love, Rihanna
Blah Blah Blah, Kesha
Blush, Gentlemen Hall
I hate boys, Christina Aguilera
Can't nobody hold me down, Puff Daddy & Mase
Sexy and I know it, LMFAO
Til the world ends, Britney Spears
Little secrets, Passion Pit
Woohoo, Christina Aguilera
My life would suck without you, Kelly Clarkson

I'm trying to not look back, make changes and work on the present.



Monday, July 16, 2012


Bootcamp nearly killed me today. It's official- I am OUT of shape. Not surprising, not at all.

The music that motivated me from  not just giving up, was actually Sting. Odd, but a few jams were playing in the gym today and it kept my eye on, well not the prize, not passing out.

So hey blog heyyy, I'm back?



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

back on the blog!

Well let's try this again! After all, it's a new year. I'm back on the blog!

So Thanksgiving weekend I sprained my ankle, for the first time ever. I was walking, in flats and sober hit a divot in the grass and down I went. Now you would have thought that would have slowed me down for the night, but oh no- found the best shoes for the issue (wedges that strapped up the ankle) and went to a show then dancing. The next morning, trust me, I was not dancing.

So here we are, the second week of January and Monday marked my return to the gym post injury (it's still not 100% but I am going stir crazy and getting fat!). Returning to the Y was like Christmas! All new cardio equipment- all of them having tvs built in which include Bravo in the channel line up. Yep, Christmas.

So Tuesday I walked 50 mins at a 4mph speed, 2 incline- baby steps. Totally took advantage of the tv and watched Tabitha's Take Over.

Tonight, ran/walked 50 mins, 3.6 miles. This time used the iPhone for Pandora- Mac Miller station. I was sweating out of frustration so Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Wale, etc. were all just what I need to make 50 mins fly by. I don't have the specific songs to share, but if you can deal w/ rap try the Mac Miller Pandora.

 Mac Miller and I at the FT!

I am giving myself a 10 lb challenge with the focus on getting back into the jeans I already own in the size I used to be. Ch ch ch CHANGES are beginning. :)

Stay motivated


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i'm back, i'm back!

Yikes, my bad... slacker since May w/ this blog, but thankfully not w/ working out in general, lol.

Very much back invested w/ bootcamp since May- such an expense in my life that I basically can't afford, but one that is really non-negotiable when it comes to budgeting (wait I don't even do that) and because IT WORKS.

Recently I have made some additions to my typical 4 times a week 30 bootcamp session. I've added Friday, Saturday and Sunday workouts to my life. Saturday bootcamps in Riverside will hopefully stay a continuing tradition, w/ brunch after of course.

Another addition, mini camps- so far I've lead 3 mini style camps to the theatre girls- actually in the theatre. I think some of the staff thinks we are nuts, but good for us utilizing our surrounds (go non-profits!) Also, if I am doing a PM bootcamp I run to Cross Training from the theatre and pending weather or complete exhaustion, I run back.

Okay so some are saying, you are being a crazy exercise woman, but the fact of the matter is this- I was in THE BEST shape of my life this time last year and while I try never to be one to bash my body, I just know where it was.

Let's face it, workouts are my therapy, so bring on more sweat!

Today's workout:

22 min mini camp, all abs.
15 min jog to Cross Training
30 min bootcamp (cardio and abs)
15 min jog back to the theatre

Tunes from mini camp:

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall- Coldplay
Hot Mess- Cobra Starship
Rolling In The Deep- Adele
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked- Cage The Elephant
Till The World Ends- Britney Spears
Say Hey (I Love You)- Michael Franti
Tonight Tonight- Hot Chelle Rae
Give Me Everything- Pitbull (featuring Ne-Yo)
A Beautiful Day- India.Arie

Stay motivated


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

why hello may.

Soooo some challenges I held up and some not so much. Typical.

I made it through Lent- no Starbucks and no shots. Woo! I've actually only have had one Starbucks since, I think I may have helped break my pattern. And still no shots, lol.

I also made it through my April 1-28 challenge of not drinking. Which was so interesting to do, I think I'll do it again the month of May (but after cinco perhaps? hehe). We shall see...

Okay so super super bad- I hadn't worked out in 2 weeks until tonight. SUPER BAD. I haven't felt great the last two days, so I figured to snap out of it I should just throw myself back into a boot camp. Which worked! Great workout focusing on arms and abs- and I feel MUCH better. Already sore of course, but feeling more like myself.

I did however slack on the playlist tonight, which I will say wasn't horrible (Chris) ;) But I'm watching The Voice right now, love it, and I love Cee-Loo... so download some of his tunes to add to your work outs. Maybe some Maroon 5 while you are at it.

Stay motivated.