Tuesday, May 3, 2011

why hello may.

Soooo some challenges I held up and some not so much. Typical.

I made it through Lent- no Starbucks and no shots. Woo! I've actually only have had one Starbucks since, I think I may have helped break my pattern. And still no shots, lol.

I also made it through my April 1-28 challenge of not drinking. Which was so interesting to do, I think I'll do it again the month of May (but after cinco perhaps? hehe). We shall see...

Okay so super super bad- I hadn't worked out in 2 weeks until tonight. SUPER BAD. I haven't felt great the last two days, so I figured to snap out of it I should just throw myself back into a boot camp. Which worked! Great workout focusing on arms and abs- and I feel MUCH better. Already sore of course, but feeling more like myself.

I did however slack on the playlist tonight, which I will say wasn't horrible (Chris) ;) But I'm watching The Voice right now, love it, and I love Cee-Loo... so download some of his tunes to add to your work outs. Maybe some Maroon 5 while you are at it.

Stay motivated.


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