Monday, February 7, 2011

run bmaid run

Monday monday monday- what a day, so much going on, so many meetings but MADE myself get to the Y for a much needed run. Went to a bachelorette party this weekend and over indulging was the main course, yikes. Felt good to get back in the gym- I mean hellllo I need to FIT in the bridesmaid dress:)

Well I know 90% of the world wasn't feeling the BEP half time show last night- but they are definitely still in my work out mix. Yes, the singing wasn't the best and yes it was an odd mix at times and yes Usher should have danced for much much longer and Justin Timberlake so should have been included, but BEP can still keep you running!

work out:
3 miles in 33 min then a 7 min walk/cool down.

1st mile- The Bachelor (terrible for running and switched to my tunes!)
Do Somethin'- Britney Spears
Get Back- Demi Lovato
Down- Jay Sean (Ft. Lil Wayne)
Up Against The Wall- 'N Sync
Still Here- Girl Talk
Electric City- Black Eyed Peas
No Hay Igual- Nelly Furtado
Her Diamonds- Rob Thomas


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