Wednesday, April 13, 2011

day 13 :)

Well bad news, I don't have any good play lists from the last 5 days- but no worries I will have some musical ideas to share.

My last post was Friday's run- so picking up from there I went to a pilates class at the Y on Saturday as well as yoga at the Y on Sunday. Both classes had no music because the system at the Y is broken, TRAGEDY for one who is motivated by music. However, the classes are excellent and offer a good change in schedule following intense boot camps. I plan to keep them in my weekly routine.

I've been consistent still w/ boot camp this week (and month for that matter) getting there Monday afternoon (I pretty much hate afternoon bc's, too hot and I'm definitely tired-rough!), Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The boys there like the slow jam mix, which is not my fav and I complain to Chris everyday. I know he loves it. Haha :)

Feeling really good in my 13th day of my monthly "cleanse" - working out everyday and no alcohol. Update on Lent still no shots or starbucks...but caved into using my debit card, over 30 days w/ out it was ENOUGH.

Okay so tunes- I am on a Michael Jackson kick, lately I am finding the music super motivating and of course fun. It's almost like I rediscovered it- so you should too! Also check out Mika for really silly, fun music for when you just need a pick me up.

Hope everyone is having a great week and stay motivated :)


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