Friday, April 8, 2011

oh let's just add another challenge into the mix...

Holler and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I had a glowing report after Tuesday's boot camp about the music choices...but not so much the next two days. Typical boy (great one day then not so much the next), lol sorry Chris!!! Most of the blame lies in the inconsistent ways of Pandora. BUT that does not mean the work outs weren't killer. Wednesday being arm intensive, it feels like some one punch both of my arms and there is internal bruising... bad ass arms are developing!!! Yesterday I opted to sleep in and catch the 5:30pm boot camp session. I am SO much more and AM session person- it's just by 5:30pm my energy is down and it feels like it is a million degrees in the gym. However, the work out was perfect. 6 different exercises and a dice. Enough said:)

On day 8 of no drinking and still good to go. Funny how in the last 8 days I've been to Dos Gatos 4 times, lol. And on the Lent front- still no starbucks, no debit card and of course now, no shots.

This weekends work out agenda: run tonight, pilates in the morning and yoga on Sunday. Also getting my first massage EVER tomorrow- so stoked.

I'm going to add another music element to this blog for the next 30 days- on Facebook there is a page called the 30 Day Song Challenge and each day represents a different type of song. So here we go, Day 1- your favorite song...

day 01 - your favorite song
I'm going to go w/ my favorite song RIGHT NOW (bc we'd get no where if I really tried to narrow down to favorite song ever)...

Cee Lo Green- What Part Of Forever

Stay motivated!


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