Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what the hell

So maybe I enjoy a "tune of the moment" well, all the time... so the latest discovery- What the Hell from none other than spicy Avril Lavigne. Okay so maybe in college I was a big fan of this young rocker/skat8r/complicated chick and maybeeee I still am.

Yes yes, I did climb in a tree to watch her at the red, hot and boom show at the outdoor Altamonte pavilion and was PROMPLTY removed by a police officer, details, details...

What the Hell is just a super fun dance around your room and sing in the mirror (yes that happened this morning) jam.

It also started off my 2.3 mile run/jog... went for 30 min and then stretched for 10.

What the Hell- Avril Lavigne
Church- T-Pain
Simple Little Melody- Black Eyed Peas
Always Be My Baby- Mariah Carey
Countdown (Sick For The Big Sun)- Phoenix
Burden- Mute Math
Rest- The Temper Trap
Raise Your Glass- P!nk
Bang Bang- K'Naan (ft. Adam Levine)


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